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Version VTK Qt Qt

A standalone application which generate guiding image-based instructions for bronchoscopy.


BronchoX (Broncoscopy E*X*ploration) is a software for biopsy intervention planning, with the intention to be used prior to bronchoscopy. BronchoX integrates different aspects to consider preceding a surgical intervention, being a multiplatform (Linux, Windows and Mac) and computer-efficient aided tool. BronchoX is a compound of different algorithms for segmentation, visualization, and navigation of the respiratory tract.

DISCLAIMER: BronchoX is a scientific-research tool, it not intended for regular clinical use (not FDA nor CE approved).


BronchoX is in an early stage of development. And so is the development roadmap (which is basically nonexistent and on-the-fly demanded to be honest). I'd like to focus on documentation next to make development more transparent.

The code is free to download and use under a BSD-3 license. However, the code base is currently undergoing large changes, thus there is no guarantee that internal interfaces will be stable.


It is necessary setup the environment in the chosen operating system.

  1. Download and install Qt (open-source version)

  2. Download and install CMake (particularly, we used CMake GUI)

  3. Download and unzip VTK (try to put into a version-folder name, e.g. /home/VTK/VTK-8.1.1)

  4. Configure VTK using CMake, and select an output directory, e.g. /home/VTK/VTK-8.1.1/x64. Select the variables Module_vtkDICOM, VTK_Group_Qt and Module_vtkGUISupportQTOpenGL. Using the Advanced searching is more easy found those options. The Qt5_DIR variable should point to the lib/cmake/Qt5 according to your compiler option.

  5. If you are using Visual Studio, open the the VTK.sln (e.g. located in the /home/VTK/VTK-8.1.1/x64) and compile the ALL_BUILD project. If you are using another IDE+compiler platform, compile all projects (packed into CMakePredefinedTargets). Notice that you can compile into Debug/MinSizeRel/Release/RelWithDebInfo modes.

This process might take several minutes

Then git clone or download the project from this page. Note that the master branch contains the latest fixes and features. After this, repeat the same process to create the project, using CMake:

  1. In CMake, configure the VTK compiled folder (e.g. /home/VTK/VTK-8.1.1/x64). Also, configure the Qt5 folder, in fact, using the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX pointing to the lib folder according to your compiler option.
  2. If OpenCV is active, locate the OpenCV libraries folder (also according your compiler selection).
  3. Finally, a BronchoX.sln should be created into the output selected folder that can be open using the selected IDE/compiler chosen into the CMake configuration.

The solution BronchoX.sln contains 3 projects: ALL_BUILD, BronchoX and ZERO_CHECK. The BronchoX is the main project.

Before executes the project, the corresponding PATH for VTK, OpenCV and QT must be set into the environment variables (for your account into operating system or into the IDE). Moreover, the dll/ folder includes in the cloned code, also should be added.


When all variables are correctly setup, the running process is made using the compiler IDE or console. If the code is execute, this will look without GUI's style and without icons. In this way, it is necessary runs the Qt Resource Compiler which is a tool used to embed resources into a Qt application during the build process. In this project, the -binary option is used for the file style \qdarkstyle\style.qrc with the output in the x64/resources.rcc, where x64/ is the output folder (the same location of the BronchoX.sln). After, copy the resources.rcc into the corresponding building folder (debug, release, etc.).

For Windows users, it is possible to edit the buildResource.bat file, modifying the rcc.exe folder location

The resources should be re-executed only when any visual resource is modified (adding or deleting), before executing the main code.


BronchoX is maintained by Computer Vision Center (CVC), a research center part of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in cooperation with the Bellvitge University Hospital, both located in Barcelona, Spain.